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Amanda will be your wedding planner from Marry You Wedding Planning and she will take
care of every specific element – great or small – of your wedding event. She will help you
find the perfect location within the country or abroad, let you taste and pick the ideal
wedding cake, contract your favorite band and select the best photographer for your special
day. All this organizational talent comes from her extensive experience in the hospitality
industry and her passion for wedding events. Whether you prefer an intimate setting with
only ten guests for the bachelor event or a wedding with over a hundred guests, Amanda will
take care of every first and last detail.

Marry You Wedding Planning not only guarantees a beautiful wedding on the day itself, but you can also rely on a professional organization during the period towards the most special day of your life.

Due to the central location in the Netherlands, the organization of your wedding event can take place from any part of the Netherlands. Amanda will enjoy, but more importantly thrive in organizing and executing your wedding plans.

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